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Under the Sky, We are One


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Under the Sky, We are One

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Battle Might

Battle Might is a free-to-play collectable card game available on mobile platforms such as IOS and android. We attended the 2017 GDC (Game Developers Conference) in USA, San Francisco and were featured at Amazon’s booth and sizzle reel.


  • Each battle in Battle Might is a best of 3 rounds, 1v1, turn-based duel between players.
  • Players take turns to play minions and support cards to establish dominance over the current arena.
  • Once a player is unable to play a minion to match or overpower their opponent’s they lose the round.
  • A constantly changing arena affects the powers of the minions, forcing players to adapt on the fly.

Deck Building

  • Players can customize their decks with a variety of card splits between 4 different races.
  • Each race will have their own unique mechanics to diversify play-styles.
  • A champion with a powerful one-time use ability leads every deck.