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One Unify

Under the Sky, We are One


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Under the Sky, We are One

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Keppel Offshore Marine

Cave Sys, BiM,  3D engine

Teaming up engineers and scientists, Dr Bernard (China) and Dr Jochen (Germany), we invented new product which combines scientific algorithms in maths/physics, software and hardware engineering. Spectral Reality projects high fidelity 3D, which creates immersive simulation useful for training, pre-sales blueprints, and much more.

Result : Deployed for the 1st ever Triple Oil Rigs launch recognized by Group CEO and entourage and Keppel CEO Mr Y.Y. and featured in ImaRest and National Geography

Awards received:

  • SITF Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Enterprise Award
  • SITF Singapore Infcoomm Technology Federation Award 2016-7, Enterprise Innovation Award

KOM 3D Fl-through:

NDA hence use Inference of Esports via M-Tennis:

NDA hence use Inference of Navy Sea Esports via Keppel Offshore Marine: